method of file preparation

When supplying the cover and spine to the LSC Pontiac DSC it is important that they be assembled together into a single PDF file. This ensures they are laid out correctly and makes upload processing quicker. If your magazine prints at the Pontiac print division please use the alternate method.


Determine Spine Width

Your Print Bind CSR can provide you with this information. In our example the spine is .3125" wide.


Create document equal to the width of cover final trim + spine width

In our example the final trim is 8.125" and spine is .3125". Adding our cover and spine widths we get 8.125" = 8.4375".

document width

Position a guide on your document equal to the spine width from the left trim edge. (example = .3125")

document width

Build spine centered between the left trim edge of the document and the guide created in step 3

document width

Build cover art between the guide created in step 3 and the right edge of the document. Note keep all critical elements inside of the type safety area (.1875" from edge)

document width

Extend bleeds .125" past all edges of the document, including spine elements that bleed


Follow established PDF creation standards out of application used

There can be many ways to create PDFs from your document in today's layout applications. However when preparing then for the LSC Communications Pontiac Digital Solution Center (DSC) it is important that they are prepared according to our specifications to ensure that they will print correctly. Below are links to guides that will help you prepare your files. Please review this information and if you have any questions please contact your Technical Systems Analyst for assistance.

PDF's from Adobe Indesign
There are two methods to produce PDFs from Adobe InDesign that are acceptable when supplying files the LSC Pontiac Digital Solution Center (DSC).

PDF's from Quark Xpress
Exporting PDFs directly through Quark Xpress will cause issues when the PDFs are uploaded to InSite. The only approved method is to generate a postscript file from you document and use Adobe Acrobat Distiller to convert it into a PDF using the approved LSC job options.

Do a final check
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