Maximize Your Content's Value in Both Print & Digital Formats

LSC Communications draws on 150+ years of experience to craft solutions tailored for our partners' needs. With unmatched industry experience and a global manufacturing platform, we deliver high quality output combined with speed-to-market execution, allowing our customers to manage their physical and digital content more effectively.

solutions book publishers

Book Publishers

Providing the strategy, development and execution of physical and digital supply chain solutions, LSC Communications helps Book Publishers bring titles to market faster and easier while ensuring maximum quality. Today's publishing environment requires a strategic workflow that both descreases inventory and obsolescence while improving speed-to-market. Our robust service platform combines print, warehousing, fulfillment and supply chain management into a single workflow designed to allow you to focus on your core capabilities, reduce costs, and succeed in the market.

Digital and offset print

We offer both traditional and digital printing capabilities on the industry's largest platform can be leveraged individually or together to meet your needs - whether you need an order of one book to support your backlist needs or an order of one million to support a best seller.

Warehouse and fulfillment

We have multiple facilities and capabilities to meet your warehousing and fulfillment needs, including the systems and logistics support to ensure on-time delivery and best-in-class service.

Supply Chain Management

We offer our innovative and scalable supply chain management solution that combines print, warehousing, fulfillment and supply chain management into a single workflow designed to increase speed-to-market and improve efficiencies across the distribution process.

Digital File Management and eBook Distribution

We are a leader in eBook conversion and distribution, offering the Libre Digital Harvest Platform.

As the publishing landscape continues to evolve, our goal is to help you evolve with it while continually seeking new and better approaches to managing the communications solutions that you need to be successful.

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solutions magazine publishers

Magazine Publishers

Print and Digital Delivery to Maximize the Value of Your Content

LSC Communications helps you deliver your publication to subscribers wherever they are and whenever they need it.

With a worldwide production platform, we offer cost-effective solutions for long-run consumer magazines and short-run trade or specialty publications. These solutions include distribution programs designed to reduce postage and transportation costs that typically represent over half the cost of production. Utilizing our robust co-service mailing solutions will help reduce costs related to postage and transportation while improving delivery reliability.

Additionally, LSC offers electronic solutions, including mobile, tablet and web-based delivery, to allow you to easily and cost effectively maximize the value of your content.

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Retail Inserts

Retailers and Merchandisers

Delivering Exceptional Value to Our Customers

As one of the largest producers of catalogs and retail inserts in North America, LSC Communications has unmatched experience with retailers. Our significant scale, depth of experience and reputation for quality, dependability and transparency combined with proprietary best-in-class co-service mailing technology enables LSC to deliver superior value to our customers.

In our Tops office products segment, our valued customers include office superstores, mass merchandisers and contract stationers. The longevity and strength of our customer relationships are a testament to our ability to develop new products and services that will continue to meet our customers' evolving needs.

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