Environmental, Social, Governance

ESG principles play a significant role in how we perform, conduct business, and support our employees, customers, and the communities where we live and work. ESG practices are an essential part of our core values and influence our business approach and our culture. Our guiding principle is that when we prioritize the interests of an organization - via a commitment to not just speak about ESG practices but delivering outcomes - we build better places to work while creating stronger, more valuable outcomes for our customers. Our goal is to provide excellent products and services while also uplifting our customers, employees, and the communities we are a part of.


As we communicate to all of our employees across our company, we are deeply committed to the communities where our people work and the communities they live in. LSC employees understand that safety and environmental protection are the highest priorities and are a part of our daily and hourly work culture. We support this by ensuring we have the programs, practices, and resources to help us protect our employees and visitors while preserving the environment. LSC conducts environmental screening assessments and ensures we work with updated external environmental certifications. LSC consistently interacts with regulatory agencies on permitting matters, working together wherever possible to ensure that the strongest environmental protections, such as our Sustainable Forestry Initiative, are included in our companies' operating permits. Our teams then implement a robust compliance process to adhere to those requirements.


LSC is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the LSC Family. We also recognize that being deeply committed falls short of our objective if we have not established a truly diverse and inclusive culture. Diversity and inclusion drive our business success and ensure all employees feel they belong at LSC. With this commitment, Our diversity hosts a wealth of ideas, innovations, and focused solutions that all of our clients, suppliers, and the communities we inhabit can benefit from.


Creating the capacity to deliver social impact through our business requires aligning the LSC culture and values. More broadly, our commitment to all those who comprise the LSC Family is to conduct business grounded in the following four pillars: Be preferred, be connected, be excellent, be inspired.

Be Preferred:
With the best solutions and talent.

Be Connected:
With customers and as one team.

Be Excellent:
In everything we do.

Be Inspired:
To make a difference each day.


LSC requires that our company engages in a formal board process as a means of ensuring good corporate hygiene and governance. LSC also enforces the highest ethical standards in our business. We are fully committed to fair competition and winning customers and clients based on our products, services, and capabilities. We have no tolerance for anticompetitive conduct in violation of antitrust laws and would rather lose business than break the law to obtain it.