Each customer account in the LSC Communications Magazine Group is assigned one or more Technical Service Representatives as a point of contact for prepress needs. You can contact your account's LSC Communications sales representative to get the name of the Technical Service Representative for your account. You can also feel free to contact the Digital Solution Center management teams using the contact information below.

Brett Von Holten



Technical Service Representatives (TSR)
Nadine Antolik 815.844.1772
Nancy Burgess 815.844.1745
Vickie Cuevas 815.844.1875
Steve Durham 815.844.1881
Annette Geringer 815.844.1861
Crystal Gourley 815.844.1761
Michelle Harder 815.844.1481
Carl Hrpcha 815.844.1746
Bob Kennedy 815.844.1306
Sandy Lorrance 815.844.1389
Dave Roth 815.844.1395
Mein Ho Schlesner 815.844.1315
Technical Service Analysts (TSA)
Dave Gregoire 815.844.1304
Steven Moore 815.844.1767
Tim Northrup 815.844.1360
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