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LSC Scout was built on the following core principles

  • Make content files available to update at any time
  • Provide preflight information directly to the content creator
  • Two step preflight process to ensure TRUE print-ready PDF files are sent to LSC, bypassing the DSC
  • Centrally stored files to provide a single point of truth
  • Direct routing to print locations with applied Print Code and Born On Date(BOD)
  • No touch key line reprints via auto Print Code update
Insite-scout comparison chart

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Preflight faster

With a two step preflight process and printable preflight reports, content creators can be sure their files are fully prepared for printing. Bypass the DSC process and get straight to production with LSC Scout.

Centralize your files and avoid confusion

LSC Scout now offers a single portal and centralized storage of files. This means less confusion for you, as you can be sure everything is right where it should be.

Simplify the process with automation

LSC Scout is able to automate many of the processes that had to be done manually before. Born On Dates, Print Code Updates, Reprints, and Print Plant Routing can all now be automated, saving you precious time and effort.

LSC Scout Workflow

Scout workflow diagram

LSC Scout offers a preflight process for efficient work

Get Started With LSC Scout

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