Helping You Leverage New Revenue Sources

Helping You Leverage New Revenue Source

As the leading directory printer, we're focused on bringing additional value to consumers, driving revenue to publishers.

From our experience printing the first known phone directory to the thousands of titles we print today, LSC Communications continues to be the largest and most experienced telecommunications industry print partner in the world. Not only do we produce printed directories for the leading directory publishers around the globe, we provide products that help publishers generate revenue. From premium advertising ideas like tip-ons and cards to gatefold covers to inserts, we can help advertisers get noticed first on their yellow pages or white pages.

Most importantly, as a telecom print partner, we provide solutions that include content preparation; conversion of data from print to electronic formats; and the design of logistics strategies for up-to-date and just-in-time deliveries.

LSC Communication's directory solutions can help you achieve your ROI goals.

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