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Over its nearly 100 year history, The Clark Group, Inc. has become recognized as a leading third party logistics provider of value-added distribution, transportation management, and international air and ocean freight forwarding services. Clark's unique and complimentary business units, Clark Distribution Systems (CDS), Highway Distribution Systems (HDS), Clark Worldwide Transportation (CWT) and Preprint Logistics (PPL) provide customers with a single source supply chain solution.

The Clark Group operates a network of 9 distribution centers strategically located across the United States to provide consolidation efficiencies and time-critical transportation services to all regions of the country and internationally. Additionally, Clark offers its customers supply chain export and import services to more than 65 countries and has developed strategic alliances with numerous international agents throughout the world.

Company History

John Horlacher founded the Company in the early 1920's originally known as Horlacher Delivery Service, a trucking service delivering motion picture film to theaters in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 1927, James P. Clark became a partner.

In 1934, James P. Clark became the sole owner.

The Company changed its name to Highway Express, and by 1945 was operating a fleet of over 300 trucks with 500 employees throughout a twenty terminal system.

The Company continued to grow into an interstate carrier of theatrical equipment. This growth led to the establishment of The Clark Transfer Co. in 1957, which consisted of the film, magazine, newspaper and theatrical divisions.

After the death of James P. Clark, the Molitch family purchased Clark Transfer, Inc., and became a household goods carrier agent with a number of van line companies.

The Company purchased National Film Service franchises (incorporated as Highway Film Service), and formed Highway Film Delivery, Inc.

The company acquired and merged Caribbean Worldwide and J.E. Tompkins & Son to form Clark Worldwide Transportation, an international freight forwarder.

A series of wholesale news companies were acquired including Brauninger News Co., Anthracite News Co., Luzerne County News and Tri-State News.

Clark Distribution Systems was formed in 1984 to provide national freight consolidation of books and magazines.

Clark Distribution Systems acquires Magazine Shippers Association, and the company divests its theatrical transportation and wholesale news agency divisions. The new company is named The Clark Group, Inc. with Clark Distribution Systems, Clark Worldwide Transportation, Evergreen Express Lines, and Highway Distribution Systems becoming wholly owned subsidiaries.

The Clark Group Inc. is acquired by The Gores Group and completes the acquisition of Preprint Logistics Management and Nationwide Book and Magazines Northeast Operations.

The Clark Group Inc. consist of four separate business units (CDS, HDS, CWT and PPL) and through consolidation operates two subsidiary companies, Clark Distribution Systems, Inc. and Clark Worldwide Transportation with over 200 employees in a global marketplace servicing many of Americas most recognized brands and retailers.



The Clark Group is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership program. As partner in the Smartway program Clark expands upon the environmental benefits the company provides through its consolidated delivery model by implementing and maintaining environmentally responsible practices across all sectors of its operations. By engaging with environmentally focused agencies and like-minded trading partners, Clark is making a positive contribution to the health and well-being of our communities, our country and our planet.

Clark Group Affiliation: IDEAlliance


The goal of IDEAlliance is to enable information-driven enterprises to strategize, innovate, standardize and implement information technology solutions in an open and cooperative cross-industry environment. The unique proposition for IDEAlliance membership is that it is the only association that addresses the end-to-end digital supply chain. By joining IDEAlliance members can collaborate with business partners from across the supply chain to improve efficiencies, lower costs and improve quality.

Magazines & Books at Retail Association

Clark is an active member of the Magazines & Books at Retail Association. MBR is a not-for-profit organization for publishers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, consultants, and industry service providers. MBR is a catalyst for supply chain partners to create innovative growth for the sale of magazines and books at retail. MBR provides an open-style forum of communication and encourages its members to voice opinions and concerns regarding the single-copy industry. Membership currently consists of organizations which publish and distribute magazines and books in the United States and abroad.



Distripress is at the heart of the international press network.
The objectives of Distripress are:

  • To assist in the promotion of press freedom worldwide with special regard to the freedom of press circulation and to support UNESCO in promoting the free flow of ideas.
  • To offer a regular platform for members in the form of congresses, trade events and publications so as to facilitate the co-operation and the exchange of information and ideas from the national and international press industry.
  • To represent impartially the activities and interests connected with the circulation of newspapers, magazines, periodicals and paperbacks.
  • To further the development of fair and efficient trade in press circulation.