General Commodities


Speed and accuracy are key components for the success of supply chain operations that feed the retail sector. The Clark Group provides warehousing fulfillment distribution solutions to both retailers and wholesalers. Clark operates a "hub & spoke" network of distribution centers, which offers the benefits of regular scheduled deliveries and pickups at reduced transportation costs by shipping in consolidated pools. Orders intended for common destinations and within the same cycle time ship together as a single shipment. This results in a more efficient delivery to the final destinations across the US and Canada at a cost below that which Retailers might incur had merchandise been shipped individually from the distribution center. For more information please contact us.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

FMCG brands rely on Clark's customized supply chain solutions to bring their products to market efficiently and cost effectively. The Clark Group provides full service logistical solutions from vendor distribution locations and/or our own docks to large and small, urban and rural regional locations. Our team utilizes comprehensive load planning and freight management systems. Our extensive network and volume brings transportation efficiencies, including zone skipping, that allow us to offer exceptional service at competitive rates. We provide regular status updates once the assignment begins until the final delivery, to give you peace of mind in knowing that each shipment will arrive on schedule. After delivery is completed, full proof of delivery confirmations reports are provided. For more information please contact us.


In today's constantly evolving manufacturing landscape, manufacturers are increasingly challenged to streamline their supply chain processes in order to remain competitive and drive business growth. The Clark Group offers just the types of solutions to address these challenges. Clark supports manufacturers and distributors by co-shipping together products intended for common destinations and within the same cycle time. This results in a more cost efficient delivery to the final domestic and international destinations. Both our U.S. network of 9 distributions centers strategically located throughout the U.S. and our multiple overseas agent locations are experts in multi-order consolidations shipping to over 80 countries and territories. For more information please contact us.