The Clark Group is dedicated to distributing your drop ship mail in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner. Our consolidated drop-ship service provides you with reduced postage expenses, more accurate in-home targets and shortens the time to market by entering your mail closer to its final destination.

Clark consolidates mail with multiple shippers to keep your transportation costs in line. Since we know how critical it is that your mailpiece be seen at the right time, we target deliveries to the USPS mail processing facilities to meet your induction targets. Based on your needs, we offer hold-and-release as well as fast track though our system.

Delivery appointments with the Postal facilities are made by Clark through the FAST website. Once made, the appointment numbers are relayed back to you for reference or content files that you send to the USPS. Status and delivery confirmations are provided daily so that you can rest assured your promotion is on track to reach consumers at the right time.