Reverse Logistics

Revlog Model

Clark has developed a regionally focused national supply chain solution for book distributors and retailers that streamlines the product return process back to original owner and reduces overall costs. Our proprietary web based customer tools provides customers the opportunity to gain greater operational efficiencies in the preparation and shipping of multiple return destinations at significant transportation savings.

Distributors and retailers across the country have taken advantage of Clark's customized web base interface tools and our ability to consolidate returns with other Clark customers at regional distribution centers. This results in reduced transportation costs by Clark co-shipping returns across the country.

Features & Benefits:

  • Customized web-based customer tools for automated return pallet preparation and load building
  • Reduced costs via consolidation (Shared truck load rates)
  • Single Source, ease of business for customers
    • Single Bill of Lading (Clark will pick up multiple publishers at one time)
    • Reduce inventory & increase warehouse space
      (Clark will sweep your docks or “spot a trailer”)
    • Point to point pricing (A full and 1/2 pallet rate to each consignee regardless of weight)
    • One source tracking, tracing and POD verification (web base solution system)
    • One source for billing and returns forecasting (Competitive look at procurement savings by corporate or individual warehouse location)


  • Distribution to over 280 consignees across the country (economy of scale with national coverage)